Evolution of fish meal and fish oil production

Consumption of the by-products of whole fresh fish was documented as early as the century. The production and manufacture of fish meal and fish oil has witnessed an evolution in the past few decades. Today, we use sophisticated machinery that certifies minimal human interference and wholesome protein extraction. United Marine Products uses the machineries of the cutting edge technology so that there is no compromise in the quality at any step of the process. The business principles and ethics incorporated at our company have raised the bar of its elegance, reaping the fruit of success since its inception.

The planet is being explored in different dimensions in the present days. The mountains, the hills and the seas are being reconnoitred constantly. United Marine Products is one a company that has taken few steps ahead in exploring the potentials of the deep seas. Our company is a market leader in the industry of manufacturing and exporting of Steam dried fish meal and Crude fish oil. We have established ourselves as a front runner in the business with world class technology and state of the art infrastructure encompassing of two fully functional factories at Ullal in Karnataka and Cuncolim in Goa. United Marine Products is one among the leading fish meal and fish oil companies that is recognized by the leading International and National Standards of organizations and awarded with accolades.

Our dedication and the perseverance followed at United Marine products in producing fish meal, Crude fish oil and fish soluble has stemmed the company into reaching to prospective clients across the corners of the globe. We have imprinted the quality of the service among several companies. We export the products to countries at the Middle East, Far East, and South America and to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.


At United Marine Products, we aim at Commitment to Quality. The methodologies, the business models and the technicalities that we have incorporated at the factories of the company assure 100% quality in the production and the final products compiling by the vision and the mission proposed by the company.

Our dedication to quality and commitment to environment friendly manufacturing processes has garnered us awards and honours from the reputed International Organization of Standards. United Marine Products is certified with ISO 9001, 22000, WHO GMP and GMP+ and HACCP. These certifications are awarded by the SGS India Pvt Ltd for the maintenance of the standardization norms put forth by the International Accreditation Organizations.

We have always focused at careful and comprehensive quality control system, so as to provide complete hold over every step of the process of the manufacturing and the exporting of steam dried fish meal and crude fish oil.


We aim to provide high quality Steam dried fish meal and Crude fish oil, ensuring the best of quality throughout the process. Our products are processed in efficient environment, with complete attention to safety and hygiene. Besides we have always ensured that the products manufactured at United Marine Products meet the standards of the industry at parameters specified by the International Standards.