The global population is an ever elevating figure. There is an imbalance in the demand and supply of products in several business sectors, amongst the others the food industry is the most challenged ones. Fish meal acts a supplementary product to provide the essentials proteins and nutrients which is otherwise unavailable. Aquaculture is an industry that breeds specific species of sea food such as trout, salmon and carp. The breeding the not a simple as there is need for nutritional requirements. The fish meal manufactured at United Marine Products is utilized in such aquaculture farms. The fish meal provides the important sources of highly digestible proteins, healthy omega 3 fatty acids, essential minerals and vitamins so as to the trigger the growth of the farmed fish and shrimps thus resulting in a better yield.

Farmed Animals

The highly digestible protein and palatability factors present in the fish meal makes it an essential component in the feed for farmed animals and poultry. The pro amino fatty acids and the EPA+DHA content regulates the blood circulation and provides nutrients are essential to rear healthy farm animals and poultry. The fish meal manufactured at our company, United Marine Products consists of extremely nutritional mineral and vitamins that ensures better growth and development of the farmed animals and poultry.


Fish meal is used as a vital component in pet food. Animals are also in need of an extra dose of the proteins as they are also equally exposed to pollution. The stream dried fish meal manufactured by United Marine Products offers some of the highest protein levels, healthy omega 3 fatty acids and low ash contents that aids the pets in building their immune system, thus making them healthier


Crude fish oil consists of omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that are not generated in the human body. These fatty acids control the levels of triglycerides, which otherwise may lead to blockage of blood vessel in the body. Fish oil is compressed in the form of pellets or capsules at the pharmaceutical industry sector and sold as dietary supplements.