Fish oil is obtained from the tissues belonging to oil rich fish. It has numerous health benefits. The oil is famous as a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Mainly, the oil is procured for human consumption as it is used as a natural remedy for several diseases. Besides this use, the oil is extensively used by the animal feed industry. Fish oil is a prominent ingredient used for aquaculture and poultry, as it is believed to improve the growth rate.

The oil is enriched with two significant omega-3 acids- EPA and DHA. These two protective acids are known to play an essential role in the body. From preventing heart diseases to combatting ADHD disorder, fish oil serves an important purpose. Other uses involve tackling joint pains, hypertension, depression, chronic skin diseases, fertility issues, and plaque growth in the arteries.

We, at United Marine Products, are committed to ensuring that our customers are provided with superior quality fish oil. Our manufacturing process involves pressing and centrifugation of fresh fish. The entire process entails proper safety measures to preserve the quality of the oil. The employees at the firm are regularly trained to extend the premium quality fish oil to the customers. Moreover, our high-tech machines allow us to deliver the best product that clears all quality and standard checks.

our Products

Our range of products includes the following three produces. From their procurement to their supply, we aim to ensure that their nutritional concentration remains high.

Quality Policy

United Marine Products focuses on producing and supplying quality fish meal products and fish oil. Besides following all the safety measures in the processing step, we ensure that our deliverables adhere to the globally prevalent quality standards. All the statutory and regulatory requirements are also taken care of. Furthermore, we value the expectations beheld by our customers and, therefore, put in a continuous effort to not only fulfil but also supersede these prospects.

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