Saftey Policy

We realize the worth of our employees and their contribution to the success of our business. Considering the efforts of our employees, we ensure that we leave no stone unturned to pay them back and confirm their safety at work. Our firm respects the role played by the workforce in the operations of the business. Hence, the management ensures that their safety is prioritized at all costs. United Marine Products beholds a comprehensive safety policy for its workers in order to ensure their well-being and security at work.

Our main endeavour is to work towards the betterment of the state of the employees and their status in the organization. Healthy work hours are combined with affable and fit working conditions in order to confirm that they do not have to encounter any danger at work. All the essential amenities for their health and immediate needs are made available at our firm.

Regular feedback is a part of the process wherein any issues faced by the workers are noted and essentially taken care of. We strive to contribute towards the growth and development of our employees whilst ensuring their best health. All the legal regulations pertaining to the workforce are duly followed. Hence, it is one of the primary concerns of our business to oversee the safety of our workers.

our Products

Our range of products includes the following three produces. From their procurement to their supply, we aim to ensure that their nutritional concentration remains high.

Quality Policy

United Marine Products focuses on producing and supplying quality fish meal products and fish oil. Besides following all the safety measures in the processing step, we ensure that our deliverables adhere to the globally prevalent quality standards. All the statutory and regulatory requirements are also taken care of. Furthermore, we value the expectations beheld by our customers and, therefore, put in a continuous effort to not only fulfil but also supersede these prospects.

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